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Privacy terms

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals and in order to ensure the protection and privacy of personal data, as well as regulative access to it, its rectification, opposition and cancellation, SOININTEL INTERNACIONAL SA DE CV establishes the following:

Personal data

The information requested and collected or received by SOININTEL INTERNACIONAL SA DE CV, whether in physical, electronic or any other format, will mainly consist of the personal data that is essential for contracting, identification, administration, operation and any other essential sales and business operation, or for the provision and / or request of services, and promotion of our products and services among our employees, suppliers, customers and service providers.


Our server stores data about the users who visit our website and all of its pages through cookies, IPS and temporary files; this data is only used by us in order to define the user’s interests in a particular solution or service and further enriching its expericiente while navigating our site.

ARCO Rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition).

In particular, the law grants the holders of personal data the right to access, rectify, and cancel their personal data that is being held by third parties, as well as to oppose its use. These are known as ARCO rights. Remember that in order for you to exercise your rights, you must prove that you are the owner of the data or, in case you do it through a representative, the representative must prove that it has been granted the right to do so. This is mandatory so that NOBODY other than you or your representative, can decide how the personal data is being used; This is for your protection and for the protection of your personal data.

In case you exercise your rights through a representative, it can be proven it in the following ways:

  • • Presenting a public instrument stating such a situation.
  • • By the power of an attorney on a signed document before two witnesses.
  • • Through a declaration in presence of the holder.

You can request the exercise of your ARCO rights by sending us an email to the following address: taide@sisaconsultores.mx


If you as an user, supplier, customer or service provider provides us with your personal data, it is understood that you have read, understood and accepted these privacy terms, as well as the transfer of your data for the stated purposes and have not expressed any kind of opposition.

Update date

This notice was last updated on December 2, 2019 but may change at any time and without prior notice.

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